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i hear ya it puts us on the board I just had 3 birds with no hens come in on a b line after I soft yelped at them strutting right in front of my truck thought I was going to have to replace my passenger side window. Got busted when I moved I've seen 8 birds in the past 4 days these were the only ones not Henned up next couple of weeks should be awesome



Dang, the Russian judge got me!::ke:
Birds are being very stubborn around here, too. Keep at it, it's gone break loose here before long.


Ain't been having much luck lately, birds ain't cooperating and getting to hunt as much as I usually do. Still hard at it though!
Guys I got skunked this year. Hunted three different counties heard only one bird gobble. We covered more miles than ever before. Hunted new places, old places. Nothing seemed to come together for me this year. I apologize for being a let down. Season here in SC is over with this coming Thursday.