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I am just curious, how deer/acre does your club kill. Example 1000 acre club killed 10 deer last year. 1 deer/100acres. You can even break down the bucks and does killed / acre if you wish. Also what part of the state. I will summarize the results and post them here for everyone. This should be interesting.

does your poll take in to consideration passed deer also ,you know that is a important part of figuring out your place as a club in the deer management tool. the hardest thing is getting all members to keep accurate records. and we all know that hunter management is the hardest part of deer management


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Man good thread...........

I'm in 2 clubs (they are approx. 3 miles a part).

The first is a club we've been in a long time (over 30 years).......1,600+ acres and we have 22 members. That is where most of our cabins/campers are. I only do about 5% of my hunting on this lease. My primary reason for stayin' in this club is all the emenities are there and we've been there for so long.......The hunting is good, but with 22 members a lot of the member seem to be very perdictable and this enables the deer to get "trained".......There are some decent deer killed there every year, but nothin' really to get all excited about......It use to be different, but not anymore.

The second club I've been in for 4 years. 1,200 acres and the hunting is so much better and so different from the 1st club it's not funny......No four wheelers, no camping, and no "PRESSURE" on this lease.......We have 10 members and 1 of those members only rabbit hunts.........The other 9 members are also members of the 1st club, and 95% of their huntin' is also done on the 2nd club, not the first club......Therefore the first club does have 22 members, but in reality it's only 13-14 most of the time........So, it's not that bad on the first club......... Last year there was a 130+ class buck shot and a 140+ class buck shot.........Along with 3 other bucks that scored approx. in the 120 class.........

I myself didn't shoot a buck, but shot 3 does..........However I did see over 20 bucks that had at least 4 on one side........Therefore they were shooters, but nothin' that I wanted to shoot........

The 2nd lease is a good lease and it's the kind of lease that makes your mouth water.......

The dues are "STEEP" but after hunting it for a while, you just can't get out.........

Hopefully this year will be as productive as the last few years......
On the lease we had last yr we were in dodge county, there was 5 of us on 505 acres. we killed a total of 13 deer on that lease. It was a good meat lease if u want to call it that, nobody around us practiced any managment come to find out later in the season, and u could tell, We were trying to manage untill i saw 4 bucks that i had let walk, they were shot by the club next door, so we decided were going to move and we lifted our buck restrictions, and i took a 3pt and a small 7pt, my uncle killed a 5pt, and anoher one of our guys killed a 4pt and my grnadpa killed a 4pt and the rest were does. Its hard to try to manage something when all ur neigbors are killing everything u let walk, I had let 15 diffeernt bucks walk before we lifted out rules, because we decided to change leases. Now this yr will be different we are in turner county, we have 6 of us on 660 acres and i talked to our neigheds and everyone has been trophy hunting for yrs around us, and this is the first yr the land we are on has been leased. So we will not shoot any bucks unles its 8pt 15 inch spread
Dont really have past numbers to add to this poll. Have had to change properties every year for the last three years. Usually happy with one buck and several does each season, last year just one doe.
Presently have 300 acres I share with one other, each of us will usually have a guest. Solid 8 pt. or better, no hard rule on the does. Have zone thats primarily bucks only and aggr. fields that is open season on does. Farmer wants them thinned out but has avoided nusance permit killing to allow us to harvest the meat. He has gone to great lengths to avoid killing, fires at night, posting dogs along the border, etc. So if we dont harvest them they will go to waste.
So our plan is 1 buck, 2 does each shooter. 2nd buck if presented but he better be a good one.


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Just have known this farmer most of my kife and two of us have 650 acres in Macon co. and 200 in Schley that we hunt. The Macon tract we use for dove duck and fishing (some deer though). The deer are mainly at Schley. My first two were buttons :banginghe :banginghe :banginghe , too foggy that morn. Three does. 14" 8pt, 15"9pt. I passed up around 20 does and 7 bucks. My friend harvested 1 buck and two does. We have had this land for 6 years now. The quality of the deer have increased a little each year and the 10 deer/season harvested has been on the lower side.
Here is the data for our club. This covers the last few years. Pressure plays a big part. Our club get better every year. We have less members and more buck restrictions than in the past.


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Am I reading your information right? In 2004, you guys had 146 hunters for 5800 acres?

I like seeing the data changing with how many bucks/does were shot in 1998 and almost the reverse in 2004!
2004 was the first year I did the stats. I count all guns,some of those were guests. We like seeing the data change in that direction too. That was able to change because of doe days. Look at howmany doe days we had in 1998 compared to now. We are going in a great direction.
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Good stuff

I like it, keep it coming fellows. It is not necessary to know the deer observed. I just want to show an average of deer killed/acre over different areas of the state. I think it will speak volumes to the folks who have 100-400 acres and think they can shoot 20 deer a year off of those leases. There are a few places where that can happen, but those are the exception reather than the rule.
Average ovelast 5 years.

10 Hunters, 585 acres, about 14 deer per year.

Figures out to be 2.4 deer/100 acres per year. This 15= deer per square mile which is way too many I feel!

Oh, Talbot county.

Good question to ask.
this is from last years club...not there this year... im back home!!!!

1300 acres 46 deer killed last year or 1 deer for every 26.26 acres,
of that 10 i think were bucks and 36 does
so 1 buck for every 130 acres
and 1 doe for every 36 acres


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700 acres Wilkes County. 6 Hunters killed 16 deer.
8 Bucks = 87.5 acres per Kill
8 Doe = 87.5 acres per kill.
Largest Buck 158 BC 8 pointer.

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Aztec said:
700 acres Wilkes County. 6 Hunters killed 16 deer.
8 Bucks = 87.5 acres per Kill
8 Doe = 87.5 acres per kill.
Largest Buck 158 BC 8 pointer.
ya'all got a 158 eight pointer.............dude, please post a pic...........that is a MAN!!!!! :clap: :clap:
My Franklin County EIEIO Hunt Club killed 7 bucks and 4 does last year. This data retreived from 11 of 15 members who mailed back to me their survey form at end of season. Considering our club property consist of only 350 acres, (Club is surrounded by 1000's of acres of farm land with little or no hunting pressure), not too bad I guess. One 10 buck scored 145 pts (B&C). I let 4 bucks walk, year before I let 7 walk, before shooting a 130 class 185 lb. old buck. If you are wanting to see a lot of deer, this is not the place, but if you are looking for a good buck and are willing to put in the stump time, come on down and climb a tree! :shoot:

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925 acres.

15 deer I believe. We relieved 10 members of their memberships. Don't really know exactly how many deer they shot. I was only able to count 15.

I saw 46 deer off my club last year. I shot 1 small doe during bow season. It was our 1st year in the club. We were starting a QDM program, and a lot of us weren't pulling the trigger, trying to feel out the property.

This year we dropped our membership from 20 to 14.

We'll see how it goes. We've got a healthy deer herd. I've got a feeling we'll put at least 20 on the ground this year.



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Piedmont Hunt Club
16000 acres and THE BEST club I have ever been associated with - hands down - period!!
$900 dues
About 122 members killed over 200 deer last season - we killed more doe deer then bucks
Here are some pics of bucks from this club

170lbs, 10pnts and about 115"

approaching 140 - I think it was in the high 130's

I am also in Blackville Hunt Club in Barnwell Co, SC
4000+ acres - DOGS ONLY - no still hunting
We kill a BUNCH of deer (200+ per season) Last season 42 members and guests killed 180+ deer on 22 hunts
50 members
Saturdays only (with a holiday hunt thrown in here and there)
Bucks only (no limit) from 08-15 until 09-15
DEER from 09-15 until 01-01 (no limits)
Smoothbores and buckshot only
LOTS of youths and gals hunt with us!!
We was takin em and makin em decades ago!!
$650 dues

A STUD of an 8pnt - 190lbs

225lb 120+" 9pnter

I also hunt 1000+ other acres for free - no club - just have rights to hunt.

Netted in mid 150's - on the land this buck was killed on (300 acres) we killed 22 doe deer and about 5-6 bucks. 4 or 5 of the bucks were "illegal" per the land owner and fines were paid - I collected $750 in fines in one day, LOL!!
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