Tell me about your club


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1st Club is in Jasper County. We have been there 25+ years. We have all the eminities there as far as the camp goes. 108 acres on the actual lease. 3 of the 4 borders is the ONF so if you have the legs you can walk as far as you want. The deer hunting is very tough down there right now. The turkey hunting has been outstanding though. We are beginning our 3rd generation of folks. The last several years have seen most of the guys my age tending to little ones but they are all about ready to start the next era.

2005 season - 7 members - 2 does 0 bucks
We usually ave 4-5 deer per year. There were very few hours put in this past deer season. It has just about transitioned into a turkey lease. Hopefully we will get it rejuvinated once all the kids & grand kids start coming.

2nd club is in Meriwether County. No Camp. This lease is in a QDM county so that helps.
There are some nice deer on this lease. At least thats what the trail cam shows.
2005 - 5 members - 3 does & 2 bucks taken (18" 8pt & 16" 13 pt)
110 acres. This is right on our yearly average. We have been on this lease 5 years.
Our club is in Upson Co. We have 715 Acres, last year we killed five bucks and six does. We have 7 members. This will be our 5th year on this property.
I hunt on private family land with a few friends allowed to hunt. We have approx. 2000 acres and seven hunters. Last year we harvested 5 bucks and numerous does. We are in a state and club regulated Qdm area. We let many smaller bucks walk and one member won't shoot till it's bigger than the last buck harvested, one hunter(my wife)has not yet shot a deer but enjoys going, another hunter was only there only on a limited basis last season. We were all satisfied with our results considering our time available to hunt. (I have't kept up with doe harvest because we have so many, but do encourage their taking.)