Test Drove a PRE-PRODUCTION 2021 F150!

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FORD was at the Mall of GA and had several F150's that were pre-production 2021 models.
I picked the 3.5 ecoboost XLT 4wd.
IIR, this new model is at 400HP and 500 TQ. My gosh......!!!! This thing is a rocketship.
My only complaint is, it does NOT sound like it has that much power. Very quiet and lack of V8 rumble (well, that's b/c it is a v6 TT).

I tried to buy a 2019 model (new) back at the end of 2019, from TWO local dealers.
1. Mall of GA Ford - they stink and are terrible
2. Gwinnett Ford - they stink

I found the truck I wanted online (at both dealers) and BOTH dealers would NOT, yes, would NOT honor the online pricing. Excuses after excuses on why they couldn't make it happen.
Heck Mall of GA Ford tried to steer me into a different HIGHER dollar truck several times....over and over.
When I refused over and over, we finally sat down and discussed the original truck I wanted. Nope, couldn't honor the price. I don't have a trade in. I don't qualify for it (my credit is 803, 813) but I don't qualify. Yeah, right. Have friends that have said the EXACT same thing w/this dealer. Bait and switch. How do they stay in business??? scammers.

Anyway, rant over. I think I am seriously going to consider upgraded my Silverado to a 2021 F150 next year. Akins Ford out of Winder is suppose to be much better than my local dealers. Might give them a shot!

Back to the 2021 F150. Mannnnnnn, I know some of y'all don't like Ford or don't like the Ecoboost V6. I get it. But gosh darn, the power is absolutely unreal. This would slaughter my 5.3 silverado without even breaking a sweat.
I bought a new F150 in Dec '19. Mall of Ga did the same thing to me. I priced 5 Star Ford in Snellville. Got a good internet price from them. Took that price to Akins and Loganville Ford. Neither of would beat 5 Star price, so I bought there. Been very pleased with truck. I got 5.0 4 x 4 XLT.
I have the 2018 f150 with the 5.0 and a 2020 with the 3.5 ecoboost and the 5.0 don't hold a candle to the ecoboost in towing or speed. I love both of them but that 3.5 ecoboost is a beast.
If you were in mid-GA i'd suggest getting Riverside and Jeff Smith to bid against each other via email. Throw Allan Vigil in there and it might get interesting. Probably some similar situation closer to you.


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Call Brannon Ford down one Perry,Ga. I bought a truck from them in June and it was very easy and not painful at all. Well, except for buying a F250. That part was painful. ?
Akins in Winder is great to deal with.

Rick Peckham out there is a straight shooter.
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Thanks fellas,
My biggest issue with the local dealers are, they order options that are completely useless to me. I don't need $2000 bling bling wheels or some rear bed cover. I will actually USE my truck for work.

In addition, all I find are these 5.5' beds. I would need the crew and 6.5' bed. 5.5 is useless for work IMO. And they are rarely found in the south....and even harder to find the 3.5, max tow pkg, AND 6.5' bed. Oh, and 4wd. :)