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A big thanks to all of those LEO's out there working to keep us safe during the holidays.
Well, I wish to thank you guys for the nice comments. This came from another thread along with a couple of other comments. It was really nice to read.
Last nite we were at the in-laws for Christmas and I caught a couple of "zingers" from the relatives.
My sis-in-law made some sarcastic comment about seeing on of our Deputies at Starbucks the other day (that Deputy's wife must make good $ ;) ) and then another about my Capt allowing us to leave early on Christmas Eve (about her tax dollars paying for us......) An uncle decided to share a couple "cop" stories about Officers pulling over truckers (he's a mechanic for a trucking company-so I'm sure its all first hand info) and the "dumb" things the Officers have done.
I simply commented about how I hear so often about seeing "us" doing this and that, but no one seems to mention seeing "us" getting out of a warm bed at 2am to go photograph a fatal accident or shooting, or having to go photograph and collect evidence at a burglary scene. Or, going to the hospital to interview a sexual assault victim.
Not to mention the times "our" family time at holidays is intrupted for the above reasons. I wont even go into the times late for dinner or missing dinner all together because of being late.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to the "Woody's family" for expressing thanks.
(I know that LE are not the only ones who work nites and/or get called into work at family time. This just came at the right moment for me)

I for one would like to Thank You for what you do. I am a firefighter, and I would not have your job. I grew up in a LEO environment, with my Dad. I know what you mean about the things people say about what we do. I get the, ...."what do ya'll do all day, sit around, watch TV and sleep?" I just agree with them, and say yea thats about all we do. These folks would not be able to handle most the situations we encounter, so I don't even try and explain it to them.


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I too would like to add my thanks along with Woody. After 25 years in LE I've heard a lot of off the wall comments about how and what we do, most of them wrong. It is really nice when someone says something good. :yeah:

Take care all, I hope that you all had a very nice Christmas and wish you all a Happy New Year!!!!


(ps. any of you LEO guys on here FOP?)


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Woody, I'm not an LEO...but I am a govt employee and I know what you are saying.

A lot of folks in the public sector think they should get to go home early Christmas and New Years Eve's...and they are entitled to a Christmas bonus (Which you well know we could never get)

and of course no problem stopping by for a coffee if they are driving by in the course of their day.

But since their taxes pay your/my way we should get to.

Merry Christmas and thanks for protecting us. :)