Thanks to all my sponsors!

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If a deer walks past the trail I walked in on....stops and smells where I’ve been....and let’s say I shoot I my own sponsor?!

I will walk around your stand and put down human scent for a small fee before every hunt.

How do I advertise?
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I thought your sugar daddy sponsored you? He says he sponsors the land for you to hunt on...
He did. Then he realized I was a killer and cut me off. Now I got the biggest buck on camera at my new spot. I even tried to get him to come kill it and he wouldn’t. Kinda hurt my feelings. We’re back on good terms now though :);)


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The product pimp game is STRONG this year..stronger than usual. Good night, what is up with all the product pushing? Knowing they aren't paid, sponsored or even recognized by the company.
Well since I got some more advertisement in this thread I would like to thank Black eagle for the shout out. Right on brother hope it taste good. Love this thread. It cracks me up. Always need a good laugh. I hope they keep sending me pics with my “product” in front of them and I will gladly keep posting. Maybe even make it on a few more threads like this before some one deletes the post for “advertising”. If we can’t take jokes we need to get out of the business.
I personally think that money and competition have no place in hunting and fishing, and degrade and contaminate everything they touch.
I have even noticed this in hunting articles lately. For example " I picked up my such and such bow with my such and such arrow and my such and such broadhead, and came to full draw....." I don't really care what brand bow, arrow, or broadhead you use. Just get on with what you're writing about. I don't mean any harm, and I know sponsors pay because they get their plug here and there, but it does seem to be a little ridiculous lately.
When I began bowhunting my dad and uncles ribbed me about buying camo! As a kid it was just part of the fun. Dad hunted in a green feild jacket & jeans toting a single shot Winchester that he bragged on till the day he died. Ate a bunch of meals that came from the end of that ol gun. That old Chester was mentioned in many stories. I guess there's nothing wrong with braggin' on good stuff, but dad wasn't for sale. And if you'd asked 'em what the "latest greatest" was, he'd probably thought you was talkin bout granmaws fresh biscuits.


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Well, some this product pimping has certainly made the truck buck stories funnier than a Patrick McManus book. Difference is he was trying to be funny. Everybody on there apparently watches these sorry outdoor shows we have nowadays and trys to imitate the model. Keep it up. Me and a few buddies really get some laughs out of these wannabe Jackie Bushmans.