That one little lie.

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Looking back over my life and the spiritual damage I wrecked upon myself during the course of it, it occurred to me that EACH AND EVERY instance was the result of me buying into one little lie, one little transgression. I was reminded of Al Pacino's line in Scent of a Woman, where he said in a moment of brutal honesty, "I always knew what the right path was. Without exception I knew, but I never took it. You know why? It was too dang hard." That's me, except I would have said, "I was too dang selfish."

The choice we are given from our age of understanding onward is very, very simple: seek to do God's will, not my own. Each and every time I have let my selfish, self-seeking nature rule me, it resulted in me buying into a lie that went directly against God's will. You can have that relationship without repercussion. You can put that in your body. It won't hurt you. You can live "like that" for a little while, "do that" for a little while. It all starts with one little lie, but the desire, the driving force, is selfishness, a.k.a. MY WILL.

Historically, MY WILL seems to have had one end goal: my total destruction, and it almost succeeded. I was blessed. I see and have seen many others never come to the realization, never realize that they were their own worst enemy. We pull the building down on ourselves and are oblivious to it all, but it all starts with one little lie.

One little lie, believing it is all it takes to instantly step into insanity and insanity is exactly what it is; believing something that is not true, in an altered reality. Today, I can look back and realize that every single lie I ever bought into resulted in not only in taking me deeper into the insanity, but resulted in grave spiritual injury. Being insane, I couldn't see it, couldn't feel it, didn't recognize it. That's why it's so hard to pull people out of destructive behaviors, be it drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, gossiping, lying, etc. They are blind to it. They are in fact, insane. For them to come out of the insanity, something has to happen to them to make them question the altered reality they are living in and more importantly believing in. That belief has to be shaken, rejected, and then replaced with THE TRUTH. That TRUTH is God. Jesus said, "I am the way, THE TRUTH,and the life......and as I have found, any lie is a direct rejection of THE TRUTH. It should come as no surprise the result is eventual destruction.

How many times have I heard in just the last week people say, "This world has went crazy.:" They are exactly right, and in each and every individual case that forms the collective populace the reason was because of one little lie.

One note: From my experience those in the Church, as a general rule, are no more immune to this that the general population. Like I said, the culprit in it's bare naked form, is selfishness, and my personal experience has shown me it's a 24/7 battle that requires a total and continual dependence on God and multiple re-dedications to HIS WILL throughout the day for me just to stay afloat. Most people in the Church are no more immune from selfishness than those outside of it. I will say this though, it's a better life than I could have ever imagined if I was given 1000 years to think about it, and well worth the commitment to Him. After all He ALWAYS has our best interest at heart
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