The Andrea Yates Conviction........Overturned?????

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Of course most everybody knows of this horrific situation that occurred......

This is the mother that drowned her children in Houston Texas.......

I see that her conviction has been overturned and now it's possible that she will get a new trial.....

What's your opinion?????

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Our court system at work. :confused:

Don't ya recogn that it would be prudent to keep someone locked up who drowned little kids regardless of if they meant to do it or they were nuts when they did do it? What difference does the Why they did it make?

When TX is letting them go, we are living in bad times.


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If you were charged with a crime, whether you committed it or not, and I was the a witness that allegedly lied on the stand regarding facts about you and you were convicted and sent to prison, then clearly you would not want it overturned either!

Even witnesses must be held accountable to the law and the outcome of their testimony as well with respect to the facts of the case. If the facts surrounding Andrea's case still hold then she will still be found guilty.


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Don't you get it ???

This is a prosecutors dream , A second bite at the apple if you will ! She will get a second trial due to the lie of a witness ( I wonder if the witness will be charged with perjury ? ) But with being retried she can he held to the death penalty , That is why the state isn't jumping up and down wanting the original verdict to stand as they would with any other trial .
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southernclay said:
When TX is letting them go, we are living in bad times.
That's exactly what I was thinkin'........

Pretty Sad!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :(


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this case will go all the way to the texas state supreme court and they'll reverse this decision and go with the original verdict. bet it happens.

the verdict reached by the jury was not shaped by this moron's statements. the jurors said that after the trial was over.

there won't be a second trial.
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I hope you are right......

There is just no way this should have been oveturned.......

Just another reason that makes me worry more and more about our judicial system..... :eek: :eek: