The Atlanta Falcons Have a College Football Problem


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I’m surprised I haven’t heard this come up, but what do you think Arthur Blank is thinking when he sees that brand new stadium packed to the gills for a college football game, but the Falcons can’t even sell half of the stadium out? It’s all money in his pocket regardless, but to see a Falcons crowd on TV (which I haven’t in years because I disowned them after they coughed up the super bowl) compared to, for example, the off the wall atmosphere during the Peach bowl? I almost feel sorry for the Falcons… almost.


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Who are these Falcons of which you speak?


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Who are these Falcons of which you speak?

It’s a football team I have zero interest in rooting for ever again. But I do appreciate their owner pushing to build a football cathedral for Georgia to sell out once or twice a year. And it doesn’t begin and end with Georgia, if the SEC Championship was LSU and Florida next year, it would still be a packed house.


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Naw, the Atlanta Falcons just have a football problem! They don’t know how to play or coach the game!


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The problem with sports is also the strength of it. People and their loyalty to their team drives the support but it also enables bad organizations to keep sucking. They put a bad product on their field and I read of doing what might make them change their ways, don’t support it, people support it out of loyalty. Vicious cycle.


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He doesn’t care. He’s one of only 31 people in the world that can say they own a NFL franchise.

Twenty years ago Blank bought the Falcons for $545 million, today, the franchise is worth over $4 billion.
Not to mention the yearly revenue sharing from the television rights.

He’s getting his publicity and made his money, he doesn’t care if they win or not.