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I will begin the story by telling you I am a meat Hunter through and through 100% and always have been. I do however, still have two deer worth of meat in the freezer from last season(I had a banner year). This has put me in a position to be picky the beginning of this season.

Because of that I put trail cameras out on two different properties and have found one wide eight point on one property and one tall eight point on another property. I have dubbed them both my target bucks for the archery season.

I had one of my “target” bucks in front of me as close as 10 yards this morning with another smaller yet older buck for close to 30 minutes. There was nothing but air between them and me for 20 minutes. After that 20 minutes and getting a REAL GOOD look at his rack, I was able to finally stand up. This is the one place I hunt from a tree, I’m so use to shooting from a blind sitting down. So at this point I’m rattled to say the least.

I wait for 17 eternity‘s before both deer have their heads behind cover so I can draw. I come to half draw and the tall 8 looks right at me!! He’s got me dead to rights! I hold half draw and try not to shake the tree roots loose with my sewing machine leg.

He calms down and looks behind him, I come to full draw!! He is 18.5 yards away and 100% broadside!! I pick my spot....pull through my shot....and my top limb hits a tree branch!!

I watch the arrow sail about 2” over his back with perfect left to right. The buck walks off, never raises his tail and never makes a sound. I watched him meander up the hill and into the next drawl with the smaller buck in tow.

Till we meet again tall 8....till we meet again.


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Good job waiting for the right moment to take your shot. I hate that it didn’t end the way you intended it to. I’m sure there will be a next time.


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I've been in that same half-draw, arm-shakin' tree, to similar results.
You will get it done, just keep after him!!!!!
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Saw him again but out of range. I’ve seen 23 deer from this stand in a day and a half. It’s raining acorns in here like WW2!
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I think you found what Robert Carter calls a "feed tree"! A mighty hot one at that. Good luck.
This entire spot is like that. I’ve hunted this property for over a decade and never seen the white oak mast like this. It’s very exciting to say the least