The big from the tree .....jt, bubbabuck,jeff phillips,qturn,redtail !!!

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Well its time folks!!

Qturn rolled in around mid day ....Jeff and Redtail rolled in about 5ish....we rode the fields till dark and spotted a couple of very nice bucks......From there it was up to the American Legion for some all you can eat catfish and back to lodge for a little hunting chat before bed time!
Its supposed to rain in the morning and then cool into the 30's:yeah:.....JT will start his updates in the morning and it should get very exciting over the next 9 days !!!!!:pop:

Its bed time now cause I'm thinking 330am gonna get here quick!!!

The Maps have be looked at and the stands are ready......little good weather and its on.....Yall be ready in the morning folks.......Later !!!


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Get em boys! Id sure love to be up there myself this week. Instead Ill be checking here regularly for my daily fix!

Man yeah! Thanks for gettin the thread started bubba.

I am tryin out the brand new blackberry right now and it seems to be a posting machine!

See yall in the am. With any luck we will have cell and web reception and will have an exciting hunt and thread. Yall feel free to post your own updates or kill pics as we go cause we all know I love to look at em!

Good luck in the morn people, yall be safe if your in a tree.

A lil sip a whiskey and its bedtime


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Good luck fellas!

I'll be goin to bed bout the time y'all get in a tree so stay sharp and stick a gooden or 2 to start out the week!
Rabbit Track Everwhere````````````````````````````````````````` ``````````>

You all just remember that are some, might anxious Rabbit Hunters, here in Ga. getting all Fired Up, too turn the pack out about Day Light!!

Let us know if you See any rabbits? Opening Day.

D.R.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`Dixie Land`~~~~~~~~~~~>;)
The lady I are underway, making the 13 hour trek from Panama City Beach to Tipton County, Indiana.

I'm hoping to be successful in pursuit of my first bowkil, while the little lady is looking to draw her first blood in the deer woods. She's shooting the some mighty fine groups with her ruger bolt gun chambered in .44 mag.

I'll be starting my own version of 'live from the tree', with updates depending on cell service.

Good luck boys, stay safe, and put some Midwest beasts to rest!


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Well, it's here.... Just got settled in my stand and actually have a good signal!! After getting a belly full of catfish last night and a few hours sleep we are ready to go!! There have been some nice deer slain recently and I'm ready to give a beast a dirt nap!! I'm in a double ladder stand about 20 yards off a cut corn field. Jeff is a couple hundred yards to my right!!

Come on Freakstudasaurus!!

red tail

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Just got settled in. Woods are still. Lite beaze. In a track of hardwoods beside a pasture. Can here a well putting along in the back ground! Let's ge it on!!!!!
Well here we are. Its about 45 mins before light and hopefully everyone is settled in and ready to bust a midwest beast.

Bubba and I rode over together this morn and have already seen 2 shooter bucks! One we had to scooch out of where we were parking:p he was. 150+ buck and about 30 yards from the truck. The other I saw coming to my stand on the edge of a field eating acorns. He let me get to within 50 yards and I was lookin @ him with my binocs and headlamp...beast for sure!

I am in a ladder stand about 50 yards inside the bend of a field edge. The woods and field edge is loaded with acorns. I have never hunted this stand or even the area before, but one of the hunters we had in last week saw a world of deer and a bunch of bucks so yeah I'm pumped!

Its nasty warm @ 50 with a sse wind. Rain is scheduled for mid morn. If the deer are movin I'm ready. If not I'm good with a lil lunch break:bounce:

Qturn(artie), jeff phillips, red tail(shawn) and bubba are all in the woods and ready to roill!

Yall hang on, cause this migh...ok proilly will...get good!
i dont think i will be able to read fast enough will all this action heading the lease after i get off work at 12 will be checkin in throughout the day yeah come on
From bubba just now......


finally!.....big walkd along with me down rd till old plot....then waited for my wind an crossed behind me...never blowed of stand on crp another big boy in crp 20yds in front of stand...wide eyes and rack....dont know how big....he just wlkd big deer!.....good luck my brother.

...been long year....lets do this!
First deer just walked by mt @ about 10 yards. Looked to be. 3 year old 8 with good width and height. Couldn't see much more because of how he walked in on me.

Just breaking light...


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Just had a hoot owl cut loose in front of me....

I'm not sleepy anymore......


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I hear what sounds like two bucks going at it about 75 yards away! Dang what a fight!! Hopefully the winner will come trotting by shortly....

red tail

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As the sun crested I hear a loud roar and a crash throught the leafs. Couldent make out what he was. They have been doing circles for a little while. Still haven't been able to see his head. They are staying about 100 yards down in the thick at the bottom of the ridge. It just settled down and I hear something headed my way. Holding my bow and waiting!! Dang yote!
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