The Christian Mind has been Heartless In our Past will it Continue?

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“It has long been a matter of serious moment that for decades we have studied the various peoples of the world and those who live as our neighbors as objects of missionary endeavor and enterprise without being at all willing to treat them either as brothers or as human beings.”
― Howard Thurman, Jesus and the Disinherited
Perhaps we are concerned with the eternity of their souls as long as we don't have to treat them as human brothers or equals in this physical part of our existence.

In decades past that is. The future? I think we all, and not just the Christian mind, is getting better at not being heartless.
We each have unique ways of stimulating one another to love and good works. I think these are coupled with a heart/spirit work from union with Abba (who is Love, not just possessing love). And in each union we can "let love continue", as the scripture says. It takes discernment and a listening heart to Loves pure leading. And it becomes exciting when free flowing from union and not from the works of self sufficiency aka, flesh-ly self effort.
A healthy love from the by products of faith and total dependence will have its harvest 🙂