The Colorful Captain

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Back in the day of sailing vessels there was a crew searching for their enemy fleet. One day the lookout in the crows nest cried out, “Single mast on the horizon.” The Captain turned to the first mate and order, “Quick retrieve my red shirt from my quarters”. The mate hastily retrieved the shirt and the Captain made a quick change as they closed on the other ship. As the vessel came along side the Captain in his bright red shirt swung on a rope to the deck of the other ship and drew his sword. He fought like a mad man, cutting down the sailors in his path working his way to towards the opposing Captain. After a few minutes the opposing Captain fell to his attack.

After the battle the First Mate asked, “Captain why did you put on that red shirt for battle?” The Captain replied, “So my crew would not see me wounded in battle. The shirt would not show the stain of blood and my crew would fight bravely on and win the day.”

This routine played out over and over again with each ship sited the Captain donned the red shirt and entered the battle. His crew grew more confident along side their brave Captain.

Suddenly, the lookout cries out, “Twenty tall masts on the horizon, it’s the whole fleet.” The mate instinctively dashes towards the Captains quarters.

The Captain peers at the twenty masts and franticly begins to scream, “QUICKLY, QUICKLY, BRING MY BROWN TROUSERS!”


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Funny twist. I heard the joke that it was the British with their redcoats and a French General asked why. Same reason as above. It was told that the French General paused a few and then asked his second to bring him brown britches for his next foray into battle. Either way...too funny :bounce: