The Granddaddy of al Dawgs threads #50 POST for a prize.

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Who would have thunk it? WHAT Jeff started almost 8 years ago, is closing in on 50,000 post. Gonna make this a fun thread, with some blast from the past and a Ham, a Case Pocket knife and some Bacon.
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Jeff laid the Challenge down when he opened the first one. Th Alabama thread was nearing 800 post and we caught them in about 2 days. One night Jeff and I and a couple of other guys that are no longer with us, made about 600 post in two hours.
Go Dawgs for Post #50,004!


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Go Dawgs wishing B0$$ Happy Continued Legacy Day!

And to all my Dawg brothers and sisters....

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We welecome Bamers and Barners, Vols and Gators, Techies and Tigers, Gamecocks and Noles.
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