The Granddaddy of all Go Dawg threads. When will football come back #51

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Silver Britches

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We’re 1-0 Boss Dawg! Old Lady Luck smiled on us last Saturday. I know you were smiling right there with her.

Miss you, Dawg bro!



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Go Dawgs!

mizzippi jb

Welcome back.
Whoot Whoot go to da dawgs

John Cooper

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Charlie I woke up this morning and pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming!!!!! Yep the Dawgs are 5-0, have beaten 2 teams in the top 10 and have the Bammer Homer's pulling out their hair , and the only 2 toSu fans wondering if they can make the playoffs!!!!!!

Miss you brother!!!!!

John Cooper

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Bo$$ the Dawgs are 6-0, this team is like none we have seen in almost forever!!! This team seems to have no big i's and little u's, it's like they are one unit and all that matters is walking off the field with a W. We have moved players around and they did the job, we have played 2 different QB's and you don't see any animosity between them on the sidelines.

This team is a team!!!! Man Charlie I know you already know all this, it just that I miss talking and PMing you.

Miss you Bo$$!!!!
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