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I walked right up on these jokers yesterday, and they were watching my every move. I didn't have the heart to knock on their door, and ask them how they were doing. So I just took a few pics and moved on. :bounce:

I stood there less than 5 feet from them while taking these pics. The nest was about 6 feet off the ground. If you'll look just to the right of the nest, you 'll see where they started to build it, then for whatever reason, gave up.




Howard Roark

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Around 1990 our entire family rented cabins at Black Rock mountain for Labor Day weekend. We planned a fish fry so the men hit Warwoman at daylight to do our part.
the entire weekend was rain, rain and more rain. Saturday morning was the weather kickoff with pretty hard rain.

While wading the creek, fishing upstream and I would back into the thick foliage for some cover. In one spot I caught a couple of fish but sensed something wasn’t quite right. I thought I heard something behind where I was standing.

I turned to look and found myself staring into the hole of a hornets nest. I was probably 2’ and at eye level from the doorway to their home. There were a couple of the flying beast looking back at me. I am sure the hard rain spared me from being swarmed.

I am as imperfect as they come (and quite thankful for Grace) and believe when I evacuated the area, I was close to walking on water.