*The kayak fishing experience is unreal*

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If you are considering purchasing a yak, here is a little motivation. Nothing beats landing a beast in the yak. I've had many opportunities to catch giant fish in a yak and here they are, hope you guys enjoy it.

Hit the water and stay safe.

That's awesome!!!
Oh yeah!:cool:


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Great job. Glad to see somebody else get the passion.


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Love your video.

I had a great experience in my Sea Ghost this past weekend that looked similar to yours in a way. I wasn't catching big gar or bass, just some panfish, but I was able to get into some nooks and crannies that the boaters couldn't get to. That made me a very happy kayaker.
Just out of curiosity...What creek/river was that with the bass & snakehead? Looks familiar...


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GREAT job!!!


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Awesome! Simply Awesome!