The knife that cut me gets new clothes...First try at a fancy sheath.

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Well, here y'all go. My first try at a sorta ornate knife sheath.

The knife that @Anvil Head DONATED
made me think about giving it a try...I think "inspired" is the word.

Made completely off the cuff with scraps, and a piece of moccasin hide.

After trying this my hat is off to those who really have the talent for it. Lotta work, for sure.

Anyway, here it is.


Gonna add a thong tie of some sort, but overall happy with it.


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Nice. Ever once in a while, give your snakeskin items a wipedown with Armorall. The stuff you put on your truck dash. It`ll give it shine and help preserve it.


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Nice work!

Anvil Head

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Not bad at all RxRr!

trad bow

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Nothing at all wrong with that. Fantastic work on that sheath!!


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Ain't nothing wrong with that work for sure, looks great to me.