The Official 2017-2018 Woody's / G O N Bow Hunting Challenge "SMACK TALK " Thread.


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Well, I goofed and cleaned this deer before getting the proper pics, but I felt I'd at least post em to show my team support.




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Thanks Johnny, sorry to good on the pics.


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5 deer rule got changed for management reasons. To show conservation. Some are concerned about the over all deer kills in Ga. A numbers killing contest was not in good taste at the time.
I also tried to explain this with out going into more details.
So the 1 buck 2 does came to play and such is the rule now. This contest has guidelines to be able to be conducted on this board. The end.


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Is drinking a few buddy lites ok ? It's not on the list.
buddy lites are just fine as long as you leave the cans at the truck and share em with your friends. I heard you have a one for them/five for me rule.


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Just to let y'all know. I'm hunting a big buck.
That ain't no smack.
Jack !
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chenryiv is a bad dude with that bow
Yeah he is and hes getting on my nerves. ::ke: :bounce: My teammates/killers will straighten him out though. :cool: I'm the official Smack Talker at the moment but that will change to


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Naw man, I’m just real lucky. Though that’d lost her. If it wasn’t for 100hunter’s “Belle”, I might not have found her. I had good blood for about 100yds, then nothing. “Belle” tracked, and found her about 150yds later. Hard 1/4 away shot, exit behind offside shoulder. Amazing animals.