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OK, rather than having 15 dozen of the " Who is a good deer processor in Hazard County" threads lets try this.

Add the name, address, and phone number of a known good deer processor. If the thread gets covered up I will make it a sticky.

I will start it off with this one, I have used him for many deer and have never been disappointed.

Jackson County Ga.

Marlowe's Deer Market

7160 S Apple Valley Rd
Jefferson, GA 30549

(706) 367-2830
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The only 2 that I currently use...

McDuffie County
Outback Deer Processing
615 County-Line Rd.
Harlem, GA
(706) 556-8480


Richmond County
Doug's Meat Shop
3028 Deans Bridge Rd.
Augusta, GA 30906
(706) 793-6025

And one I've heard good reports about although I havn't personally used...

Burke County
Sabo's Deer Processing
248 Barnhart Dr.
Waynesboro, GA 30830
706-832-SABO(7226) cell
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Forsyth Co.
• Wilkes Deer Processing, 5515 Bannister Rd., Cumming, (770) 889-8839 (770) 889-8839
Barrow Co.
• Chopper’s Deer Processing, (24-hour drop-off), 616B Atlanta Highway, Winder,
Gwinnett Co.
• Lancaster’s Deer Processing, (24-hour drop-off), 1945 Buford Dam Rd., Buford, (770) 686-4988

thes are the ones im thinking of using
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I just joined a camp, but the guys there have been using this guy for 6-7 years...
Jason's Taxidermy
112 East Broad Street
Lumpkin, GA 31815
(229) 321-9687
Deer Season Hours: 10am to 5pm (closed Wed)
After Season Hours vary


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I've used Flakes in Burke Co and was very very happy with him. He makes AWESOME summer sausage and jerky and was very well priced.
Flakes Deer Processing
822 Cox Place Road
Waynesboro, GA 30830

He's available all hours too, just call.


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Using GON magazine's deer processor/cooler list as a reference like I usually do::bounce:

GON's 2009 Deer Coolers List

and at Post #2 below:

Hands down, Thomas Deer Processing in Bolingbroke. Go by and see his cutting room and you'll be sold.

Monroe Co.

• Thomas Deer Processing, 89 Harrison Rd., Bolingbroke, (478) 994-9894.

Good opener!

Killed a 2.5yr old doe Saturday afternoon, looked to be slow start in Crawford county though, mine was the first deer checked in to Silver Bullet cooler this year. Saw 12 on that hunt, 3 bucks, 3 fawns, 6 does, passed on the bucks, 2 were yearlings(1.5 yrs old) 4 and 6pt, other was a 2.5 yr old 8 pt.

Crawford Co.

• Rewis Silver Bullet Deer Processing, 116 Henry Ln., Knoxville, (478) 836-5217.

huckaby's is great i have to drive a little ways but its worth it, they charge per weight with a max of 40 lbs, and they vaccuum seal all cuts, then the ground is put into one lb bags.

there is also one close to my house that does a good job called done rite on bucksnort rd behind buckners. which is at 75 on exit 201 hwy 36.

Spalding Co.

• Huckaby’s Meat Processing, 1674 Line Creek Rd., Brooks, (770) 599-6990.

Butts Co.

• Done Right Deer Processing, 1482 Bucksnort Rd., Jackson, (770) 227-5809.

I know folks who use A-Plus Deer Processing in Douglas County & have heard others on the forum who like using them too:

J&H does a great job. I think they were taking hunters for hungry several years ago.

Andy, where is Hendrix?

The one on 166 and 92 is A Plus deer processing. There's also one off Post Rd. too. Camp's I think. Hendrix deer processing in Paulding is good also.

I have always used West GA deer cooler and They, in my opinion are the best.. And not trying to step on anyone's feet but just my $.02..

Carroll Co.

• J&H Deer Processors, 1268 Hwy 5 East, Whitesburg, (770) 834-2220.

Douglas Co.

• A-Plus Deer Processing, 4995 Hwy 92, Douglasville, (770) 942-3126.

• Camp’s Processing, 6897 Post Rd., Winston.

Paulding Co.

• Hendrix Deer Processing, 33 Tara Ln., Dallas, (770) 443-0920.
• West Georgia Deer Cooler & Processing, 3511 Atlanta Hwy, Dallas, (770) 445-2928.

Outlaws in Milner is a good choice $70 will get a deer skinned/gutted an cut up plus frozen.$80 will get half sausage an $100 will get all sausage link or bulk.They can be reached at (770)468-1320

x1 for outlaws i just picked a deer up from there today, you might have to call before going to get somebody there, but they usually show up in a couple of minutes

Lamar Co.

• Outlaws, 775 Hwy 341 south, Barnesville, (770) 468-1320, (770) 358-1525.


Hope this helps.


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Worth County

Randy Willis
Willis Deer Processing,
718 Poulan Shingler Rd.,
Poulan, (229) 776-5042

Great guy and always does a good job. I've taken all my deer to him for probably the last 10 years. Makes great sausage too
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Rabun County

Jeff's deer processing
dud creek rd
clayton ga

(706) 490-3068
(706) 782-3436
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M and P processing

Hahira / Valsosta area

229 794 4026

Some of the best smoke sausage u ever tasted !!
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Habersham County

i have used Georgia Mtn. Meat Processing, Mount Airy, (706) 778-9446 for yrs
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Oglethorpe County

Hicks Deer Processing
Crawford-Smithonia rd
Crawford ga
706 743 3137

Also a drop off station for Andy Nimmons taxidermy


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I 2nd Possum777!! I live in Flowery Branch and drive my deer all the way to Woodstock (Cherokee County) to Neese Deer processing. Well worth the drive for the job they always do. Plus, they make some of the best sausage and deer brats!

Cherokee County

Neese Deer Processing
729 Neese Road
Woodstock Ga 30188


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Barrow County
Bo’s Deer Processing
Harrison Mill Road
Bethlehem, Ga
Just off 316 on Harrison Mill. Look for circular shaped sign .



Lancasters Deer Processing, (24-hour drop-off)
1945 Buford Dam Rd., Buford, Ga
(770) 686-4988
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Bob Miles Taxidermy and Deer Processor
Terrell Co.
1491 Kennedy Pond Rd Dawson, Ga

Great, professional processor and excellent Taxidermist

You get the deer that you brought in for processing. They don't mix meat.
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