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Using GON magazine's deer processor/cooler list as a reference like I usually do::bounce:

GON's 2009 Deer Coolers List

and at Post #2 below:

Monroe Co.

• Thomas Deer Processing, 89 Harrison Rd., Bolingbroke, (478) 994-9894.

Crawford Co.

• Rewis Silver Bullet Deer Processing, 116 Henry Ln., Knoxville, (478) 836-5217.

Spalding Co.

• Huckaby’s Meat Processing, 1674 Line Creek Rd., Brooks, (770) 599-6990.

Butts Co.

• Done Right Deer Processing, 1482 Bucksnort Rd., Jackson, (770) 227-5809.

I know folks who use A-Plus Deer Processing in Douglas County & have heard others on the forum who like using them too:

Carroll Co.

• J&H Deer Processors, 1268 Hwy 5 East, Whitesburg, (770) 834-2220.

Douglas Co.

• A-Plus Deer Processing, 4995 Hwy 92, Douglasville, (770) 942-3126.

• Camp’s Processing, 6897 Post Rd., Winston.

Paulding Co.

• Hendrix Deer Processing, 33 Tara Ln., Dallas, (770) 443-0920.
• West Georgia Deer Cooler & Processing, 3511 Atlanta Hwy, Dallas, (770) 445-2928.

Lamar Co.

• Outlaws, 775 Hwy 341 south, Barnesville, (770) 468-1320, (770) 358-1525.


Hope this helps.
Last time I went to Huckabys, they were closed due to Mr Huckaby taking care of his wife who may have alzheimers .


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The lodge deer processor Washington county sandersville ga. One of the few that are excellent

They are not operating the place any longer. Sadly, someone else has taken over. That's all I better say about that.

Any other options around Washington County?


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I have a new one, given to me last season, by a long time hunter for hunters in Chattahoochee, Stewart, or Marion counties: Souther Boys Processing. They are about 2 miles south of Cusseta on Hwy 27.
They are fairly new, do deer and hogs, and do vacuum sealing(y). According to my tipster, they absolutely guarantee the deer you get back is the deer you brought in. (I guess they're taking a shot at a couple of other processors).


Apple Valley in Jackson County is only taking deer Mon-Fri 8AM-6PM...anyone have a current Jackson County recommendation that they've used before and not just heard about? thanks!


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Unfortunately, the GON list doesn’t look like it’s been updated in years.


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Hey guys, I got access to a new spot in Gainesville (more Rabbittown) after being in Athens for 20 years and using Firetower in Crawford. What's a good place to use for processing? Mostly I get bacon burger, jerky, whole tenderloins and breakfast sausage if offered.


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Dodge County - Joiners processing will be open this year for gun season, confirmed this week. Best processor in Georgia, in my opinion!


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Leonharts in Putnam County is closed. Steve is fully retired.


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Any processors left in Coweta county?
Only ones I know might be Roscoe deer processor on 70 770-253-0234 and there is/was one in Chatt hills on Hutcheson ferry D&R 770-463-3337
There is a taxidermy on 27 just outside Roopville next to Ga deer farm. He said there was a processor just down the road.


Apple Valley in Jackson County is only taking deer Mon-Fri 8AM-6PM...anyone have a current Jackson County recommendation that they've used before and not just heard about? thanks!

Marlow's Deer Market is on the other end of Apple Valley road. They are open for bow season this year. Just took them a doe yesterday evening.

7160 S Apple Valley Rd, Jefferson, GA 30549



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November 2nd will be my first hunt ever. Looking for a processor in the Acworth/Canton area any recommendations? Also i just have to field dress it correct? Looked at Findley's just seeing what options are available. Thank you!


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Greene County:
have not seen wildwoods in Woodville's sign out this year so not sure if they are still processing or not.
Southern Trace Outdoors in Siloam said today they hoped to have their processing up and running by muzzleloader opener.


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FYI…in Floyd Co…Rocky Mountain Wild Game Processor is not in service at the 156 Center Rd location in Silver Creek…it’s on Martha Berry Hwy in Armuchee now
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