The official "recommend" a Deer or Hog processor thread

+McClure's Processing- Blairsville,GA,+
126 Wilson Rd
When full will not accept more so call.

Outstanding-starts at $80
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12 pages and I only see 1 recommendation for a processor in Meriwether County and that post is 10 years old. A lot can change in 10 years.

Looks like I may get to hunt some near Woodbury this season, and that's too far from my usual guy in Coweta, especially if the weather is hot. Any recommendations? Also, if you want to tell me who to avoid, that would be just as valuable.
Only two worth going to in West Georgia where I hunt:
Daffin's off River Road at Neill Dr. in Columbus - been there about 50 yrs, and;
Fuller's in Geneva Georgia, on Hwy 80 in Talbot County, been in
business at least 25 years. Both are family operated and since both
process hogs they are subject to state inspections. Never had bad
meat from either.
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