The official "recommend" a Deer or Hog processor thread

I hunt in Southwest Hancock county. We used to take our deer to the devereaux mall for years, but then big Jim or whatever his name was moved his operation. We then went to his new location down the road, but it seemed like he wasn't saving enough meat, we got a couple bone chunks a couple times (which is to be expected every now and then I suppose), and he always seemed to have an bad attitude about him (maybe a side effect of his nickname). We have since switched these past three seasons to Mr. and Mrs. Ice's operation in Linton called Dream Farms Deer Processing or something like that. You can't miss it if you drive through Linton's main road. Mr. Ice is a very honest and level headed guy who has a very professional and clean operation. We have been very satisfied so far. They also have a local taxidermist who does great work and can pick up your buck right from the processor.
I HIGHLY recommend Big buck deer processing in eatonton, GA. They are very good people we enjoy to be around and they do a great job! They definitely get all of me and my dads business and will continue no matter where we go!

In the forest park area I highly recommend south side deer processing on rock cut rd. Have known them for quite some time and nothing but good people. They do a great job by far best in the area! I use their taxidermist (Martin Taxidermy) for everything does and outstanding job!
Northwest GA

Lake Howard Processing in Lafeyette. They do a great job and vacuum seal everything so it last longer.

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DODGE, TELFAIR, LAURENS, PULASKI, WILCOX, BEN HILL COUNTIES Joiner Processing Jim Ross Rd. Eastman, GA. Doesn't break the bank, best cube steak & sausage around, more importantly you get YOUR DEER back not the mystery meat packages!

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Twin Oaks Taxidermy and Processing
4143 Cobbham Rd
Thomson GA, 30824

Friendly guys with a nice and clean new facility. They are about 5 miles off exit 175 on I-20.

Brandon - 706-840-8629
If you hunt in Chattahoochee, Muscogee, Harris Counties, or Fort Benning, then I recommend Seminole Processing in Phenix City on old Opelika Rd. They charge $72.00 (+ $15 field dress fee) and vacuum pack all their meat. They also do a great breakfast sausage, links, hot links, summer sausage, and snack sticks. I've been going them for the past 9 years. The owner is very friendly and they do a very good job. They also do hogs.

Hubbard's Deer Processing
1748 Newton Rd, Thomasville, GA 31757

3 Bays for dropoff. Have all kinds of meats, sausage , etc... Process anything. Facilities like a WinnDixie meat market. Very clean and honest and most of all, friendly.