The smells of our youth?


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Tame compared to mustard sardines. Pickled pig feet and pickled eggs were goot to. How about some cheese head and crackers. Souse meat on light bread five thousand feet up the mountain chasin supper. Hoping it was a bar and not ground pig again.
I still buy pickled eggs and eat sardines regular. I like viennas too but don't eat them much anymore.
Hogs my daddy raised them.
Oil and Grease daddy also owned a Conoco service station. Worked in the service station until I was seventeen. Sweat jungle and the stench of open sewers and rotten fish of Korea and then Vietnam. From the time I left home and I did not return until I was 21. Allot of my older teen years were spent overseas in the Army.
The smell of a campfire always reminds me of my childhood. Dad use to take me fishing at night and hunting camp of course had the smel of a campfire.

Fall time in the woods always has a distinct odor and reminds me of hunting with my dad when I was growing up.


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If it’s the one on Hwy 19 south of Perry, I know that smell well. When I first started hunting out by the Econfina we would pass that mill about 9 pm. Between the mill and the cool air, it symbolized hunt camp was only a short drive away.
Yes sir, that's the one.
We still have silage pits around here and I still love that smell.
Yeah, I've got a couple dairies near me with big ground silos.


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I remember the smell of summer. Don't know if it was the pines or what, but I remember how summer smelled.

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Bread baking in the oven at my Grandma's house.
Fresh cut hay.
Silage, never heard of a silage pit, all I ever saw was in silos.
Wood burning in the living room stove and cookstove at my Grandma's house.
Dairy cows in their stanchions waiting to be milked. Amazing how warm it was in there in the dead of winter in Pennsylvania, just from the cows body heat.
Lake Erie when we went fishing.
Chicken coop in the summer.


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I had two great uncle that were pulp wooders. I loved the smell of fresh cut pine when they came home from work when I was a kid and still do. Any time I smell it remind me of them
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I loved the burnt cox car fuel smell. Probably have to be older than 45 to remember that. Regular nitro cars didn't smell the same.
I remember the smell. My brother had a Cox fuel car. Maybe the castor oil in it.
A lot of kids that has Gopeds and trail bikes had a fond memory of two stroke smoke. It just reminds me of chainsaws or outboards.


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My all time favorite childhood smell is Hoppe's No.9 hands down. I loved helping my dad clean his Model 70 and Ithaca 37. I would dream about the day I would be able to shoot them.

He was with me when I killed my first squirrel with that Ithaca. It knocked me on my backside and Dad looked down at me, smiled and said, "You got him".
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My brother had a Ithaca 16 ga Featherlite. I think that it was the #37. It was a pump and the front sight was orange. He bought it in the mid to late 60's. He may still have it.
I remember the smell of the solvents and Breakfree oil/cleaner/solvent.