The Tying Bench resumes Saturday, May 14 with the Rubber-Legged Dragon!

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First, I would like to thank you for the many kind words and notes following my wife Ann's passing. Your thoughtfulness has meant so much to me and has helped me make it through these last few weeks. I am truly grateful.

And I am so happy to let you know that The Tying Bench will resume on Saturday, May 14.

In the spotlight: The Rubber Legged Dragon, an incredible fly developed by Carter Nelson. It's a great pattern for panfish and bass...and an effective stonefly nymph imitation too.

Here's what you'll need in the way of materials to tie along on May 14:

Hook: Size 10, 1XL or 2XL nymph hook. Smaller versions can be tied for smaller fish or to imitate small nymphs, or try some bigger versions (size 6, perhaps) for bass!

Thread: Black, 6/0

Eyes: Bead chain eyes in brass or silver

Tail: Small bundle of hair cut from a piece of rabbit strip or a piece of rabbit hide. Color should match body. Marabou can also be used.

Body: Small or medium "regular" (rayon or nylon) chenille is preferred. Favorite colors include black, olive and brown. "Plain" chenille is fine, though "sparkle" varieties yield interesting looks in the finished fly.

Legs: White or cream or yellow or tan rubber leg material. The kind that comes in wide strips of multiple strands is preferred and simplifies tying. Varieties that come in individual (separated) strands will also work but are a bit more challenging to handle in this application and also may be more fragile.

Hackle: A couple of turns of a soft-fibered hackle feather. I like to use black or mottled hen...or grizzly woolly bugger hackle.

Head: Dubbing (color to match body chenille) applied to thread and X-wrapped over eyes

And here's a helpful tool for tying this fly: A wire-bristle dubbing brush

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday, May 14, as we return to The Tying Bench. I hope to see you there.

Zoom meeting details:

Saturday, May 14
10 a.m. Eastern time
Zoom meeting ID: 862 0030 7610
Access code: FlyTying14 [two capitals, no spaces]