The whole Naming your kid thread


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I personally believe that the people in the hospitals where these kids are born, write down the phonetic pronunciation that they get and laugh about it in the break room. i.e Anfernee instead on Anthony.


...just joking, seriously.
A dental hygienist that I know well, and have never known her to stretch the truth, told me she has 2 clients...

Brothers, one named Lemonjello the other Orangejello.

She said it is pronounce Lee-mon-gi-lo and O-raun-gi-lo
I know them!
They got a cousin named Mig-jello!
I bonded a brother and sister out of jail once
addias storm
nikie rain
As a bail bondsman I get the best of the best in the name department


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Can’t blame only minority’s. Plenty of white kids are destroying their family names everyday. Read a recent high school roll sometimes.


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On names, naming, etc.



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I just tell em all that I want fries with that order......