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I’ve read lots of good things about them. I want to order 30-40 bare root trees. Any idea what shipping cost is on Something like that? Would it be better to just drive up and get what I need? I’m in central georgia so I’d be looking at about a 2 hour 15 minute drive to get there. Thanks
Call them and tell them what you want to order and they will tell you what the shipping charge will be. Their website suggest printing out or otherwise completing an order form so that you can tell them what you are thinking about ordering.

Good luck.
I have ordered a combined total of 180 trees from both Wildlife Group and Hallman Farms in the past two years. I’ve had better results with the trees from Hallman Farms.


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I've ordered pears and persimmons from them for the last 9 years. No issues with any of the varieties. All are doing well. Call them and get a price on shipping.
I also have trees from Hallman when they were Edward Fort Nursery planted in 2009. Trophys and Docs Special pears. All of the Docs are huge- 40' tall and heavy producers with zero disease/fireblight. Not very tasty, but the critters love them. Looking to get a few of their Giovans this year for the late drop.
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Thanks for the info guys. Called them up, got a quote, and ordered about 50 trees. Ordered 10 Sawtooths, 10 gobbler sawtooths, 10 dwarf chinkapin oaks, 10 Allegheny chinquapins, one dixie delight pear, one Ms. Laneene pear, one Warren pear, one whitney, dolgo, callaway and dozier crabapple, and 2 Pakistan mulberries. Anyone have experience with anything besides the sawtooths? I wanted to line a road along a food plot with the chinkapins and chinquapins and leave a couple gaps to funnel movement. Excited to see how long it takes to get some fruit off the fruit bearing trees.