There you go again.

I loved it when President Reagan gave that lopsided smile and said, "There you go again." Everyone knew the target of his next words was going to end up on the very short side of an issue.

Trump does the same thing with exaggeration and bombast. Too bad the liberals are not intelligent enough to know when they have been tweaked!

Romney never figured it out. Specifically, he never understood that a lot of American people are tired of the games, the give-aways, the insider dealings, the overblown government, in short - the swamp. Hopefully, he will not choose to vote Democrat, just because most Americans (including the President) think he is a slimy idiot.
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Romney is a moronic fool and who didn’t know that he was gonna cause trouble for Trump in the Senate!
He draws more hatred when everyone remembers he wouldn't be Senator if Trump hadn't been the bigger man and gone and campaigned for him.
Traitor, he deserves what most traitors get.
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I got just one word for Mitch Rummy. The second word is “you”.
He’s the most conservative Presidential candidate of our lifetime.