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What type of differential is needed between the air temp and an animals body temp to get a good thermal image?
It don’t have to be much of a difference to pick up heat. Where the real difference comes in to me is how the humidity is. On my thermal on a low humidity night I can see just about as good as watching a black and white tv but high humidity you only see what’s giving off heat
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That makes sense. I bought an ATN and when I have looked at animals (like my dog, not attached to rifle) I could see but without clarity. Was always humid.


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Humidity, dew point, and temp.
Humidity degrades it but the closer the dew point is to the temp, it gets a lot worse.

It messes with the detail of structure that you usually see, but has never kept me from identifying and shooting a dawg.

As far as temp differential, I have hunted in June and July right after dark and it be in low 90's. Still see animals very well.
Thick fog is tough if its not to thick I'm good. Light rain or right after a rain is bad since everything is the temp of the rain more or less. Like Yotedawg says temp differential does not cause issues