Think I'm going muzzleloader all season!


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Good luck! When it comes right down to it a muzzleloader is my favorite weapon for deer hunting but I haven't made the season long commitment....yet.


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Good luck, Little Brother. I`m betting you will do well.
I've done that a few times. Killed lots of deer with a muzzleloader over the years. John First Deer.jpg


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If you have good eye sight a traditional muzzleloader is not a big disadvantage unless you like to shoot 200 yards and need multiple shots.
I like to muzzleloader hunt too but old eyes keep my traditional muzzleloader shots to 50 yards or less. I can shoot twice that with a scoped inline but I like traditional better.
Good Luck!


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I've done the "only muzzleloader" thing many times over the years. You just have to commit yourself to it, for good or bad. If you just have to kill a deer every year then it's probably not for you.
As it is I hunt with a flintlock probably 85% or more of the season anyway, if I don't have it with me I miss checking my prime.
There are just sometimes you need to shoot a scoped rifle to be effective. I no longer have a problem doing that. That's when my .308 Tikka w/Zeiss scope gets the nod.
Keep the wind in your face and you will do well.