Think we’re ready!

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Uncovered the old motor home (1992 Damon Challenger) took her around the 12 mile loop and Everything works great. Generator set perfect, the old 454 ran like new.
Boat I just bought (1982 Bass attacker) is ready as well! Taking them both out Saturday thru Sunday to a local reservoir regardless of weather!


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Arrived at the park some 30 miles from home with both toys. Motorhome is still as awesome as last year, but first time in the water with the 16 foot Bass attacker wasn’t good. Trolling motor un-controllable direction wise. Stowed it and started the little Johnson 20. Took a bit to warm up, but idled sweet! Put her in gear and opened the throttle and max speed was like 3-4 mph. Putted back in torrential rain of coarse. Main Humminbird dinging “low voltage” alert.
Found the output shaft on the motor was not slipping, but prop itself slipping around a rubber tube bushing it mounts on to. Will need a new prop. Trolling motor king nut broke loose under the cover, re-secured that with lock tight, respliced burnt splices on 10 gauge wiring under same cover of trolling motor. Re-clocked and re-assembled. Found “low voltage” alert set at 13.0 VDC on the main fish finder, so fixed that. Good thing I found all this out before my trip to lake Wedowee next week! Looks like prop gonna cost me $100.
I might have a parts motor depending on how close you are. I think One of the coils or something to do with the firing is ailing it.
Needs a prop for sure, it’s just spinning around the hub
I would think you can have that prop redone for less than $100. Be a while since I had one done. Then again, a spare prop is a good thing !