Thinking about a new rifle.

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I have not bought a new rifle for deer hunting since 1988. I like the one I have but I am considering a new one. Please give me your opinions on the best functioning and most accurate rifle out of the box. I am not a rich man, but I will pay any reasonable amount up to about $1500 or so.


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Most accurate you're going to hear Tikka and Savage (one of my favorites). Tikkas are LIGHT so if you are buying a hard hitting caliber be prepared for a good thump to your shoulder. I honestly would buy a brand new Winchester M70 super grade and you can get em right now for $1000-1200 with a little shopping around. They're plenty accurate but also built like a tank and are built to be a lifetime gun you can pass down for generations.


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Recommend Tikka with laminated stock or the new modular T3X TAC A1; not light, in fact, very heavy, but deadly accurate and smoothest action short of a fully customized rifle.
Agree 100% reference a new M70 Super Grade. For ~$1200, you will receive an heirloom quality rifle that is beautiful, functional and very accurate, right out of the box. If you like something really different, find a Limited Edition Super Grade with high grade maple stock.

I had to have one of each, myself. High grade walnut and high grade maple. :bounce:


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Tikka t3
Sauer 100
Weatherby Vanguard
All will leave you with scope money and pocket money.

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For 1500 "or so" you might can skip over tikka and check out Sako m85's. The best!
Also another vote for the high end m70's by Winchester.
You can get a very fine rifle for 1500, be picky!
There can also be very fine rifles to be had under 1500 if you want to invest less. Ruger m77 with trigger job are very hard to beat for less than 2/3 your budget.
for 1500 you can get a very nice sako or for 1500 you can get a tikka and a vx3i to put on top of it.

personally I would go with the sako they are extremely nice rifles and will out shoot you


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You can get a nice upper end setup for $1500, but can get a fine accurate rifle and good quality scope setup for about half that as well, just depends on what you want . One of the most accurate production rifles sold now is the Savage Axis, and I've heard good things about the Thompson center compass also, of course you've got Rem 700's , in varying price ranges, wood stock or synthetic, figure out what you want as far as stock, and then start narrowing it down from there, same thing with a scope, figure out what magnification range you want, what objective size, and go from there.


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One thing to get dialed in on is what is your preference, nice wood & bluing or fiberglass/synthetic/laminated stocks and stainless/matte finishes.

If I was wanting a sweet wood stocked rifle to use and enjoy, then I have to agree with these guys on the Winchester M70 Supergrades. Gorgeous guns.

Do you have a pet caliber in mind ?

What type of scope are you considering ? Reason I asked is that if you are wanting some large-super high magnification model it may look wonky on a gorgeous rifle such as the M70 Supergrade.

If I had the funds.....I'd love an M70 Supergrade with a S&B 6power fixed on it.


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It more or less boils down to do you want a really nice looking sorta fancy rifle ? or do you want a really accurate but rather plain rifle, one is simply a tool, the other could be a work of art you could put on display . the deer arent' going to know the difference,
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Thanks guys, you have given me a lot to think about. I have been hunting with a 1988 Remington model 700 fs. it is a 30-06 and of course has a synthetic stock. I replaced the factory trigger with a Timney and it is a great rifle. I am thinking about a different caliber, possibly 6.5 creedmoor or 7mm-08. I don't own a fancy rifle, I own one center fire rifle. I have only used Leupold and Nikon scopes. I would probably go with a vx3i or similar maybe a Nikon Monarch. I don't like an objective lens above 40mm. I like to get a good low mount on the scope and I don't want a big optic on a rifle. Accuracy and function are my primary criteria. You guys have made me think about the Winchester m70 supergrade. It would be nice to have a beautiful rifle. Keep the ideas coming, and thanks!


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I was like you and in for a new rifle about 4 years ago. I bought an FN TSR 308 and its the best shooting rifle I have ever fired. I have let a few friends fire it and they nail the bulls eye every time. The rifle will put rounds through the same hole at 100 yards, you just have to hold the scope on.

It also has a bull barrel. You can shoot a box of ammo and hold the barrel, it will be warm.

I have one complaint with it, its heavy. With scope and rounds its probably 10 lbs. Its not a light weight rifle, but i have others that get used.

nd that's factory ammo, not handloads. At 100 yards, ragged, one-hole groups were common with the gun's preferred loads.