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Please....I found this guy dumped on a dirt road by my hunting club in October. He had no hope and could see every rib and hip bones...could not locate the owner. Found him a home and the lady got a new position at work and could not keep him. He is healthy now neutered and chipped we call him Ruger he's chipped under Charlie. we already have two dogs and they have not taken token to him. We breaks out of his crate during the day so he cannot stay here anymore, he is an inside outside dog and is very smart and energetic, I do not want to call the pound and all the shelters are full. Please help me find him a home he is up to date on shots he does well down at the club so prefer someone with some land fenced in that has time to work with him. PM me if you can help out I just want him to find a forever home, he does well with other dogs his size, thanks.



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Thanks....forgot to mention I am in McDonough, will go where necessary to get him a good home
Do you care if your post and pictures are shared on Facebook by my daughter ? He sure is a sporty looking pup . Hope he finds himself a forever good home . And good for you for trying !

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He's a cute flashy Boxer mix. Good on you for taking him in again and looking for him another new home.