This week on Lanier

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I have been on the water several times this week preparing for and filming a commercial. We worked out of Don Carter State Park which is above Clarks Bridge on the Hooch. I had never been to this park before and man was I impressed! We rented most of the cabins for the production crew and these are fabulous. Boat ramps, docks, grounds all in 1st class condition and not expensive. A 2 bedroom cottage rents for less than $200 a night.
While I didn't get to fish a lot I did get to fish some and the urig bite was pretty strong in the backs of creeks in the channel. A few pics from the trip including a tree that is stacked up with crappie. One thing to mention for consideration, the screen snapshots that you see from me and others are not as good as what the user is seeing on the unit because they are compressed at a lower resolution. Best way I know to explain is like the difference between a text picture and an emailed picture.

Captain Mack shot a video that I found interesting that I want to share as well..



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