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Sloppy Joes are the ticket. :banana:

Looks great. (y)

It's been an eon since I made up a batch.....this will have to be remedied soon.

My son came over tonight to give me a hand with some house projects that I'm working on.....had reached a point where
3-man lifting was needed....he arrives and the two of us knocked it out.

Didn't miss the opportunity to have dinner with him, too.

We'd discussed various options....and double dog agreed on a local Indian restaurant that he turned me onto two years ago.

I'll admit....the first time I had the stuff I was thrown off.
Vastly different aromas and flavors.....and appearance.

I was at a crossroads two years ago....and he knew it.....figured he introduce my old self to some new he and his then-girlfriend brought me into the fold with Bombay street food.

Cocanut fried chicken with chickpea breading & garlicky cauliflower is what I went with tonight.

The flavors are amazing.

The appearance can certainly turn some folks away....but the flavor is delicious.....and spicy in a way that doesn't overly involve heat....but powerful spice. Hard to describe.

It is a big step for a guy that would rather stick with Southern cooking, occasional pizza and seafoods.

Besides.....this week I've already had shrimp tacos one night, bbq sammiches with slaw one night and a beef chimichanga another night.

Figured it was about time to step away from Tex-Mex & bbq. :)


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Good looking grub!!!!!

We replaced gutters at the church until dark, then worked on installing a new pump / heater in the baptistery.

Ett Dominoes pizza one of the ladies dropped off.