Tidal Wave...awful event but....

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Though we as humans see it has an awful event and I would hate to see my loved ones wash out to sea could there be a hidden meaning in it all??

India and that area of the world has a population that is beyond over populated. Could this be Mother Natures way of controling "The Herd"??

I know this will touch some people in the wrong way but you have to look at it from a Biological point of view.

Take it easy on me...... ::ke:

FX Jenkins

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Im not making this personal because I don't realy know you and vice/versa but overpopulation is a relative concept and its a matter of perception. For instance, natives to Loudoud county say that Loudoun has become overpopulated, and from my perspective, most urban environment are "overpopulated", and then consider Hong Kong or China, but because of our ability to globally provide food and services, some would argue that overpopulation exists only when people in a given area cannot feed themselves. For us its a quality of life issue, for some its just a life issue...so, while I understand your question, I would have to ask, did you feel the same way when all those hurricanes blew through your own state? Did you suffer any loss and feel that the devestation came because there were to many developers in Fla.?

For me, death is just part of life, Ive come to accept it as passage to eternal life with Christ. But I don't see Mother Nature as having any "decision making" ability in the whole matter. Truth is, natural disasters have always occured, are occuring more often, and with a greater population on the earth, yes, more people are affected.

But from a "biological perspective", I don't think its herd control. Indonesia wasn't hit because of its population. It was hit because of geological conditions. Infact, the US east coast is on one of the largest fault lines in the world, the Blue Ridge mtn range was once much larger than the Rockies ever were, the san andreas just happens to be more active...its just a matter of time before things get interesting around here, from Key West up through the Shenendoah and up to NY...

But again, I understand the nature of your question and this is just MHO...


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FX....I'm not gonna get into any biblical dicussions here, but from your analysis, one could also say the 40 days and 40 nights of rain as well as the plague of locusts were "mother nature"

I feel there is a reason....but darned if I'll ever figure it out
FX you dont think god hade anything to do with this happening i believe he did and he knows where it needs to happen and i do believe fl was hit for a reason why we dont always know but fl is getting pretty crowded and over populated i was hit by the hurricanes luckly only tree damage no house damage but i believe things happen to keep the world in check and i believe mother nature is controlled by god what about the children that are born and die from aids why does this happen or any other illness this is just my belief.


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God didn't have anything to do with it. The Bible says that the THIEF comes to destroy; not God.

Glenn, are you suggesting that the earth under the ocean knows how many people are living within so many thousands of miles and what the "correct" population should be?

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Um, yes and no...I hate those kinda answeres too

Yes, my analysis could point in that direction if broadly applied and applied out of context...

But No, in that I happen to agree, sometimes God causes things to happen, i.e. the great flood, parting of the red sea, the burning bush etc. but I also think in some cases He allows things to happen, i.e. locusts still swarm from time to time, lightening still destroys thousand of acres of forest and replenishes with new life every year, corn stops producing and you have to grow soybeans and crop rotate, but if left to its own cycle, ragweeds and thistles will surely take over.

and as you said, God, in his infinate wisdom, and "His ways are above my ways" does manipulate forces of nature...but many times he lets it, nature, take a natural course..Yes, Hes always in control but this particular event was both allowed to happen, for reasons I won't pretend to understand, and in this case, it can also be scientificly explained, a shift in tektonic plates.

I guess my position is, if it was population control, then God was behind it, not Mother Nature, but Im not going point at Him as the author because I dont know and he Hasn't told me otherwise, outside of the profecy of such events in revelation, and even then He doesn't explain it as population control...What I do know is that He has a plan for all of us, and this event has biblical porportions, 100+k dead, and from a scientific perspective, what we are allowed to understand is, until God decides otherwise, the earth will rotate, the sun will rise and sit, a snake will, most likely, bite you if step on its back, volcanoes will lie dormant and then erupt, and earthquakes will happen just as my knees will start to go bad as part of a natural process...

hope this clarifies my humble opinion and again...I see your point, believe it worthy to be discussed, but just don't think its as simple as population control...not when I know God loves us enough to have sent His son to die for us...
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Good to know your family was safe during the hurricanes, and to answere your question.
God does not CAUSE babies to die from AIDS. Keith appropriatly states that Satan comes to destroy. Babies die of HIV because of the sins of their fathers, (and mothers). Same as when a family is killed by a drunk driver for example. Death, in any reguard, is a result of sin, period.

And I do not think God caused the hurricans to hit your state because of its population. How and why God judges is far beyond me and Im not going to be foolish enough to conclude anything here except, and I do believe, beyond my understanding, that God is just and righteous. And babies who die before the age of accountability, that is, before they can knowingly recognize their sin and have the opportunity to accept Gods gift, their souls are glorifying Christ, in heaven, as we speek...
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This is good stuff!!! Keith, you are right is saying that God do this himself, but he did ALLOW it to happen.

HT2, you hit the nail on the head brother!!!! My thoughts exactly. WAKE UP WORLD!!!

I also heard that the had to issue a tornado warning in CA today, which hasn't happens in like a zillion years.

The signs are there, all you got to do is open your eyes.
I agree on the babies being in heaven but the rest i believe different i believe god has control of everything that happens he made the universe and he can control it as he sees fit as for the aids that was just an example i used my sister lost her baby at 3 days from a bad heart and her and her husband are christians so god does let bad things happen to good people for what reason i dont know and wont until i met him one day this is just the way i believe it to be but i understand your points also we just believe different.
Ht2 i agree with ya on that i was looking up some verses today about this today they say alot of different things i believe god had his hands in it for a reason.


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God may allow it, but he does not author it. There are spiritual laws that are set in motion. It is like the law of gravity - you can have as much faith as you want, but if youwalk off the side of a building, you ARE going hit the pavement.

I think it is odd that most people in that section of the world reject God (they even rejecting folks from Israel coming to help them) and then wonder why things go wrong.