Tiger Woods in bad wreck

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Seriously injured with multiple leg injuries. In surgery now.


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Single car wreck that left the road, had to be extracated from the vehicle.
It was the glare of the sun low on the horizon, yeah, that’s it.


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The way the front of that car looks doesn't look like it simply left the road and rolled down a hill. It looks like he hit something head-on at a great deal of speed. We need Useless Fire Chief in here. @fireman32


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That boy is eat up with bad luck.
Thank God for the "Jaws of Life" coming to his rescue.

Rough place for an accident going downhill with gravity working against him.

From what we're hearing, not expecting he can recover & get ready in time for the Masters in Augusta.


Woods told CBS’ Jim Nantz that he was awaiting the results of an upcoming MRI before he could ramp up practicing and training for a return to competition
Woods last competed alongside his son at the PNC Championship, which finished on Dec. 20 in Orlando. He then underwent a microdiscectomy procedure to remove a pressurized disc fragment that was pinching a nerve. It was his fifth back surgery overall and the first since his spinal fusion in April 2017.


"single vehicle roll-over traffic collision"
Woods' car was traveling northbound on Hawthorne Boulevard in Rolling Hills Estates, heading downhill in the residential area. His car apparently crossed the southbound lanes and traveled a substantial distance before coming to rest



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Tiger looked pretty rough on TV Sunday after the tournament he was hosting. I heard he had micro-surgery on his back recently from the pain he was having and I hope he wasn't over medicated when he wrecked. The kid has had an incident filled life. Just from his personal life alone, there is enough material for Rodney Dangerfield to do a 30 minute comedy routine. Man I miss RD.
Hope he recovers. He was something else when he was at the top of his game. Not much for watching golf but made a point of watching him at the Masters.