Time for a new dog. Need suggestions

A Fiest, or any of the terrier mixes that mimic the “old farm dog” is one heck of an all around house dog.
They can be had in almost any mix to fit almost any situation and they aim to please.
We have two, one a small lap dog for the wife, and the other is a squirrel hunting machine.
Ours are loosely “Rat Terriers” but that breed has only been recognized for a few years so it’s more a type than actual breed.
Had 6 rat terriers. Love the breed. All were house dogs but were great dogs. 1 did like squirrels and 1 was a ball fetching machine.
Always noticed they look a lot like the "fiests" everyone talks about.


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I love my Boykin. One of the smartest and most loyal dogs I've ever had, and I've had a bunch. Retreives, flushes and loves the water.
That said, they're hyper as all get out so be ready for that. They do shed a little as well. Grooming will help.


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Standard Dachshund 💙

Loving, loyal and easy to train.
Standards don't shed. Don't stink. Dry fast after a bath or swim. Get along good with other domestic animals, even cats. They do enjoy being the Alpha when they get about 3 y/o. Not so much as to be a problem.

Best of all. They love to be loved- at your convenience. If you are busy, they chill until you can show them attention. They will sleep in the bed with you- all night, without so much as a twitch.

Mine will try to hide a bone- not food, in the house.
I picked one up a month ago. Beau is 12 weeks old and fits right in with the rest of the family. Picks up commands easy right now and is my fishing/riding around buddy. Not a big wing-shooter but have read up on training and will try to relay it to him. Whatever he picks up is icing on the cake - the goal is a well mannered companion/family dog.


If you looking for one that hunts, I'd look into a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. We just got ours in July so she is still in her puppy stage, but I do love her. : )

Not nearly the craziness of say a GSP or Lab, but still will put you on a bird. Bonus....GREAT family pets. Very kind dogs that are eager to please. They don't shed, and are hypoallergenic. Just hard to find. We had to drive to Illinois to get this one. H&H Kennels. GREAT group though.

Other than that, Boxer is a GREAT dog. Miss mine.
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There are several different breeds that have been crossed with Poodles so that they don't shed. My brother has two that are a cross between Poodles and Australian Shepard. My neighbor has one that's a cross between Poodle and Bernese Mountain dog. It's got paws bigger than my hands. and i have big hands.

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Brad sorry I am late to the party, like Nic and Bearclaw I have a Blue Heeler(Australian Cattle Dog) and love her. She is an outside dog. The wife has a miniature Schnauzer and she is a great indoor pet. The Schnauzer is a loving and loyal dog, not near as smart as my heeler but smarter then most.