Time not an option for Josh Dobbs


Now everybody at work is looking at me like I'm crazy. I needed that laugh this morning

Browning Slayer

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No matter how minor, it's still a disease. It deforms how he looks, he can't help it. He shouldn't be made fun of, but I guess you can't expect anything more from a few on here. If it was to happen to one of their kids, or family Member, they would have a different outlook on it.

Point is, it's rude, classless, and immature. I know it's a Ga forum, but still. It's not a UGA football forum. Why can't people just embrace the diversity of fans, talk sports, brag, share etc. Without every non UGA discussion turning into a circus staring Slayer, 6. And Miguel? That's what this section was created fir. There's a time and place to talk trash and rib rubbing, but not the classless acts that follow those 3 in every reply.

Sounds about right....