Time not an option for Josh Dobbs

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And won't allow Kirby Dumb's to start.

Richt had been on the hot seat for years. I think this game will be very emotional this year. Chubb will want to prove himself, Tuttle will be fighting it out with this dirty mutt
Wow, a Vol talking about cheap shots!! Priceless!!facepalm:facepalm:
If anyone ended Mark Richt's career at UGA it was Mark Richt. The decision to start a 3rd string QB at Florida was the ticket.
Yep it was like watching him every weekend I was seeing a guy give up or just wanting out based on some of his calls. Looked like fulmer to me in his last 2 years. Just quit.
And that's why this thread was so stupid to begin with.. Comparing Dobbs to Tebow.. :rofl:
What happened to Barnett and that other fella? I thought Nasty Buck said the defenses bookends made them the most feared and efficient defense in the Nation, virtually unbeatable and the data and stats (his not the official ones) proved it????

I'm so disappointed that I might have been lied to. I feel dirty and used.


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I thought that was a better title, than the Tebow comparison.

Most of us complain about not having enough time in a day. It can be rough working 8-12+ hour's a day, then finding time for family, hobbies, and other things. But you really have to admire these kids dedication. I'm talking about the ones really working on and off the field such as Dobbs is. Really proud to have him as our leader this year. The sky is the limit for this guy, no matter the path he chooses.


So Bucky, you still comparing Dobbs to Tebow??:pop: