Tips for potty training a new pup?


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We got a new puppy a few weeks ago. He was about 2 1/2 months at the time. Was very timid and shy at first, but warmed up to us nicely. Very playful and intelligent. Didn’t take him long to poop in the corner.....Grabbed him by the head (my Dad showed me this when I was a kid) rubbed his nose all in it, threw him outside. That was the LAST time he pooped or peed in the house. Now he trots over to the front door, tail wagging’, and promptly walks around out to the yard, does his business. We reward him with treats and love. He goes before night night, and first thing in the morning when I take him out of his crate. We are blessed I suppose.
You are giving her too much freedom too quickly. Use the crate more during the day and never let her roam the house freely. She needs to earn that freedom.
Just lost my lab a couple days ago...he was 11 years old. My grand kids always laughed because he crapped on command. I wouldn't let him in the boat until he did when we went hunting. "Go crap" and he would sniff out a spot and bow up even if he didn't need to:love: