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2 spots came open on our 4,000 acre club in Western Kentucky right on the Todd/Christian County line. Going to cap the members at 18. We have nice facilities one being a 2 bedroom lodge with 2 full baths and full kitchen. We have washer/dryer, satellite TV and WiFi. There is also a bunkhouse with full bath. Plenty of room for all members to stay.
This is awesome deer ground consisting mainly of corn, soybeans and hardwood ridges with some crp scattered throughout the properties. Great turkey population also. All members are from Florida, Georgia and Alabama which keeps pressure off the farms. As far as what the club expects you to harvest: we don't have a minimum score on bucks but we want all members to harvest a mature animal not a 2 1/2 year old 8 point that will blow up to be a 150 inch 10 point in 2 years. I let weight and body size determine my harvest. You get everything I mentioned above for $1800. We have a no guest policy.
Please respond to this add through PM or text Joe at 407-470-3926
All will be answered.
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Only one spot left guy's, this is an awesome deal. Plenty of room for everyone and big healthy deer. The majority of the Kentucky clubs on here don't have half the property for the same money or more, and this comes with won't last long.

Jim Boyd

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Probably full now but looks like a great offering!

Headed through that way for Labor Day, will look for some studs along the highways!
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You're right's a great deal in a great area. I saw one heck of a stud out of my bow stand "A magazine cover buck" so of course I was already paying on next years dues before that season was over. I was lucky to find a place like this and the people are even better.
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Just got the news the club is full, so if you were one of the two spots, congrats and hope to see you in camp soon...thanks to all who were interested and I hope you find a good spot to hunt this season, good luck.
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