Took my little guy

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It’s been a year since my little man got out of the NICU and spent several days with us on the banks of Lake Oconee while we crappie fished. Finally got to go to our spot this year and we took him along again. He got to watch and help us as we reeled in over 50 crappie, a few cats, bream, and a big gar. Can’t wait until he can use his pole and reel them in too!! Pictures are a year apart!



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Nothing better than being a proud dad ! He’ll be your fishing partner for life . My dad done the same and we went hunting this morning together , I’m 48 . Congrats on a fine mess of fish
I must say that everything included in these two photos are AWESOME for sure !!!!!

Congratulations to all of your family in making this a reality.

Thank for putting a huge smile on my face tonight! :clap::clap::clap::cheers::cheers: