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Rose Hollow Plantation is
Currently seeking a 3 additional hunters to hunt on our 700 acre farm in Lyons GA. Quality managed for over a decade! All bordering property is also QDM.Many Boone & Crockett mature bucks up to 160 have been sighted on this farm. We have a High population of trophy gobblers,as well as hog and coyote. Planted food plots and 600 lb corn and Antler boost supplementations each week.For years this property has been overrun by deer populations. Roughly about 300 acres of cotton,peanuts,soybean fields,150 acres in pecan orchards inter planted with clover and rye grass,50 acres of fruiting pears/ persimmons/sawtooth oak and the balance in forest land. There are 10 permanent stands on the property with 4 fishing lakes. We have a bunk house and have camper hookups or there is a hotel and cabins 6 miles away from the farm. We have plenty of local restaurants nearby as well as a golf course within 8 miles. We offer all guided or not guided hunts.Memberships are $5500 Text Richard Kemp @ 912-293-9356 for more info. Stands are ready to be hunted opening day!