Tore up the bass!

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Fishing is getting HOT everybody! Went to a smaller pond yesterday from about 8:30am till about 3:30 in the afternoon and caught 9 bass, 10 gills, and 7 crappie with a few catfish mixed in. Threw EVERYTHING but bass would only hit roboworms fished on a drop shot. All but one were caught on it. Funny thing is it was my first time using that rig and that lure but I can say it's one of my favorites now! I used MEGASTRIKE fish attractant also. I feel like it helped. They didn't just hit the worm and let go. They grabbed and tried to swallow it. One bass refused everything, even the drop shot until i dyed the tail in JJs magic and rubbed megastrike on it. Just hours to show some scents really do make a difference! Crappie came on a beetle spin and bream and catfish on live pink worms. Will post pictures.... Soon as I figure out how to from this phone xD

Water temp: 56-60
Water clarity: stained, green, 3-4ft
Water depth: 3-5ft
Structure: fallen trees, brush, shaded areas
Weather: sunny

Gear: 7ft medium spinning rod, 8lb mono, two
7ft casting medium casting combos, 10 and 12lb test mono
Lures: pink worms, 6" roboworms, black beetle spin, Megastrike fish attractant.
Line: Suffix pro mix, low via green
Terminal tackle: stand out drop shot hooks, size 1
Voss cylinder drop shot sinker 1/4oz
Danielson cannon ball drop shot sinker 3/16 oz
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