Tower to get an angle on the 4x4?

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What is a good way to get an angle on the legs of your tower stand? Elevator brackets are costly....I am sure they are worth it, but it is hard to pay that kind of money :hammers:


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The elevator brackets will make up the price with the increase of safety and reduced headaches that will result in trying to put the legs on a stand together yourself. A true carpenter could probably build a stand that structurally sound, but the elevator brackets are simple and amazingly strong.

We built 6 stands using them. They all sit on top of 14' 4x4s and have been for 6 years now. The brackets also allow you to frame up the floor with added structural safety and simplicity.

Like pasinthrough said, well worth the money!
I just built one using the elevator brackets and won't build another one without them.
check out the hardware section at home depot (or another store) i believe simpson makes a bracket that is equivalent to the elevator bracket and costs less. simpson makes a lot of great hardware which is useful for building tower stands.

i have built a couple stands with the platform height at 10'0 and no angle on the posts. i use simpson joist seats for the floor joists, lag bolts for the rim board connections and 2x "x" bracing on the legs which makes them extremely sturdy. a bag of concrete on each sunk post makes a big difference as well.