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Not sure how that unit works you bought but it will serve you well especially being able to track them GPS wise. If the unit has a tone or a low shock setting use it to help with teaching him verbal commands as well. Good luck!


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Following, in the market for my Son's squirrel dog.

Seeing good reviews on the Dogtra
I am a loyal garmin man when it comes to GPS and fish finders. Always been loyal to dogtra with collars and training equipment for retrievers. Don't think you could go wrong with either. If the dogtra is a little less expensive, I'd definitely try it
I use the Garmin Astro 430. Works up to 9 miles, not that I would want my dog gone that far. I also make my own maps and layers for other hobbies that require more specific filters. I’ve use the stuff on the phone, but you aren’t going to get the same range you get with those garmins with dedicated antennae. That’s what you are paying for.


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They are good systems, I use the Alpha just because I am rough on gear and hunt mainly in the swamps were I don't always carry my phone. Battery life is amazing on them as well. I can hunt multiple nights without charging anything,
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Not hunting my dog as much as I thought I would... and I need a bigger boat motor for my jon boat, so I am selling some things.
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Price drop on my Dogtra collar in the classifieds if anyone is interested. Having a hard time getting rid of a twice used, pretty much brand new collar.