Tracking dog


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The truly good ones are never for sale. It's been my experience with dogs over the years my best have always been the ones I raised from a pup or young dog and finished out myself. The dog learns what I expect not me learning to live with whatever it is when I get it if its older.


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You’ll get some pm’s maybe , we have a few members that raise some good ones . A lot of different blood lines can make a good trail dog . I have a Walker Coon hound that wasn’t interested in Coon hunting as a pup that was given to me . I’ve never trained one to trail but he’s coming around .


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You can get a pound puppy and make a trail dog out of it. Best thing you can do is get a pup and train it yourself. Pick a dog that will fit your lifestyle. Are you gonna track on lead or off? Some dogs bay wounded deer some won’t. There is a lot of variables to consider. I have my favorite breed but that may not be someone else’s breed of choice.