Traditional Bowhunters of Georgia Central Zone Shoot

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Next Saturday, February 20, 2021, we will hold our Central Zone Shoot in a new way. The shoot will be held at the 3-D archery range at the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center/Clybel Wildlife Management Area. A flyer promoting this event is attached. So, what is the “new way” in which this event will be conducted?

First, we will not be charging a fee to participate in this event. Since the range at Charlie Elliott is open to the public, we don’t feel that charging a fee would be the right thing to do. That means that you can invite your compound shooting buddies to accompany you to this shoot, they can shoot their bows, watch us shoot ours, and maybe take an interest in traditional archery. My fixed and firm belief is that if we are going to grow our organization, we need to recruit new members from the ranks of current compound shooters. So, invite your compound shooting friends and neighbors to come with you or meet you at this shoot. They’ll enjoy it and so will you.

Secondly, we will not be serving lunch at this shoot. It has been our custom to provide a meal at this event, but we will not do so this year and COVID is to blame. So, pack a lunch, pack a cooler of drinks, and come on out to shoot with us.

The Archery facility at Charlie Elliott includes an elevated platform from which you can shoot at 3-D targets to get a good feel of shooting from a tree stand. The use of this platform is open to anyone, but you must wear a harness and be connected to the tether provided to shoot from “on high.” So, bring your fall protection gear if you’d like to try the platform.

All participants at this event must possess a valid GA hunting or fishing license or a LANDS Pass. This is a state requirement. Furthermore, all participants must sign in and sign the state’s waiver to participate.

Finally, we will not be putting out any stakes to shoot from at this event. That means that you and your friends may shoot from any safe distance that you choose. Since this is a non-competitive event, stakes are meaningless except to provide “the line” for shooting.

There will be some TBG merchandise for sale at this event so bring some cash. There will be some left-over event tee shirts from the Southern Zone Hunt in limited quantities. Plus, these are only available in XL and XXL sizes. Quantities are very limited, so if you want one of these, get there early as they may not last.

Hope to see you next Saturday, 2/20 at Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center’s archery range.


Barring any catastrophes Lil man Spence and I will be there. Hopefully him wearing my saddle will suffice for elevated shooting. If anyone has a youth safety harness they want to loan out... I know he'll like the idea of shooting from up high, because we cant do that in the yard.
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Nobody has to be there at any certain time to shoot. You can see the hours that this course is open on the DNR web site. Come when you can, shoot as much as you want, leave when you must...
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Man, what a great day yesterday! We had over 50 folks come out to shoot with us and we had wonderful weather to enjoy the time together. It was the place to be, for sure. Stay tuned for our next event, which will be the Central Zone Hunt at Tuckahoe WMA, April 15-17, 2021,