Traditions NitroFire

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Has anyone seen this yet? Sounds like Traditions has partnered with Federal to develop a ML where the powder is enclosed in something like a shotshell and loaded from the breech while the projectile is still loaded from the bore. Looks like it's designed to utilize a sabot/bullet combo which would make it a no-go in CO and a few other states. Interesting though..
That setup is likely going to have trouble in many states, not just CO.
They may have gotten approval from the ATF, but state laws are different.
Its also extremely expensive, which will turn many away. 10 rounds @$30????



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I've got a Traditions and it shoots pretty good.I still haven't figured out why scopes are allowed on what is supposed to be a primitive weapon.

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I guess i am just an old fuddy duddy cause i sure don't see anything appealing about it. If your going to use something like that then why not just use a center fire rifle.